Handmade quality loafers in black suede with bow from MIYO signature shoes.


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MIYO’s belief in mindful consumption, we offer smarter shoes with focus on quality and functionality. With the ability to change appearance using MIYO’s interchangeable adornments, you can create customised styles everyday with the same pair of shoes.
MIYO’s collectable adornments are designed with a unisex approach and international influences. By saving your adornments you can keep your favourite styles year after year even after your shoes have been recycled or donated.


Where do you produce your shoes?

All MIYO shoes are handmade south of Porto in a modern, family-owned factory. The factory has a long tradition in shoe making and works every day to achieve the highest quality standards.

Why do you produce your shoes in Portugal?

Portugal has a long tradition in craftsmanship, is governed under European law and has a wide knowledge in quality material sourcing. All of these factors as well as the respect for working conditions are important to us in our choice of factory.

What material do you use?

MIYO shoes are crafted from leather or suede, two natural materials that breathe, shape nicely to your feet and provide a premium comfort. With suitable care, leather and suede are considered long lasting and durable materials.

What kind of tanneries do you source from?

We only source leather and suede from members of the Leather Working Group. By using locally based agents in Portugal, we source quality materials that are most suitable for the shoes we produce.


What is the MIYO clasp?

The MIYO clasp is what makes our MIYO shoes unique, an innovative solution that allows adornments to change the appearance of the same pair of shoes. You can use your shoes with or without adornments to suit every occasion.

Where is the clasp produced?

We value local production. Therefore, our tools have been designed and fabricated by specialist and highly skilled factories in Småland, Sweden, to produce our design protected clasp.

How do I change adornments on my shoes?

The clasp is designed with a sleek minimalistic look and engineered with incredible precision from local experts in Sweden. You change the adornments with a simple slide on movement, horizontally from the side. Sometimes it may take a few gentle attempts for the click function to be optimised.

Where are the adornments produced?

All adornments are attached to our MIYO clasp that is 100% crafted in Småland. We offer a range of timeless and unique adornments, all resting on a unisex approach. Some are fully produced in Europe, others are partly made in Asia due to their technical advancement in specific design production.
Find out more information under each product description.

What does unisex adornments mean?

All our adornments are unisex, designed for both men and women. At MIYO, we believe that style is personal and that you know what works best for your essential wardrobe. Pick your favourite combination of shoes and adornments and interpret your own preferred style. MIYO’s interchangeable adornments can be used on all MIYO shoes.


What are your lasts like?

A last is a form used in the manufacturing of the shoe. We have developed our own lasts for highest comfort, style and fit that will suit a wide range of feet. We currently offer our shoes in three different MIYO lasts – two loafers and a ballet flat.

MIYO shoes are not optimal if you know that you require a specific last, for instance- wider or very narrow lasts. 

Will you have more sizes available, I can’t find my size?

We believe that listening to our customers are important. If you feel that we should include larger/smaller sizes we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email to: support@miyoshoes.com

What makes a good shoe is very individual and the best way to find your perfect pair is simply to try them on. For example, some women have tried the male style MIYO loafer and found it to be an ideal fit.

What size should I choose?

Our shoes fit true to size and are produced according to European measurements. We recommend checking our size guide to make sure you find the right fit for you.


Our recyclable shoebox is printed with Soy Ink and comes in a foldable design that can be reused as smart storage. The dust bags are made from non-woven material, a more environmentally friendly choice.


MIYO is a direct-to-consumer brand with a belief in making smarter choices. By offering quality shoes with the ability to change their appearance we want to step away from the short-lived seasonal trends. Therefore, we don’t offer the typical seasonal sales but keep an eye out for our occasional promotions.





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