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A slow fashion shoe brand created for the contemporary lifestyles of today and tomorrow.

A Modern take on true icons

Meet MIYO Signature Shoes. A smarter shoe brand from Sweden, focused on being less dependent on seasonal trends.
By entering the world of MIYO, you are invited to effortlessly transform your new favourite icons into styles that will suit every occasion.

Details From The Province Of Småland

MIYO’s unique clasp allows unisex adornments to transform the shoe’s appearance with a simple slide on. The clasp is designed with a sleek, minimalistic look and crafted with incredible precision from local expertise in Småland. You can wear your MIYO shoes with or without adornments.


Handmade In Portugal

With focus on quality and functionality, thoughtful consideration has been given to every essential attribute to stand the test of time, style and comfort. MIYO shoes are carefully handcrafted south of Porto by passionate craftsmen with a long tradition in exquisitely detail work.


MIYO is foremost an online and direct-to-consumer brand. We offer smarter, quality shoes at a much more affordable price by reducing the number of middlemen.


At MIYO Signature Shoes we believe in continuous improvements and strive to operate from a responsible point of view. We support a slow fashion movement by valuing quality over quantity and want to ease the shift towards a more sustainable fashion industry and conscious consumption.
With conscious consumption we refer to the behaviour of being mindful in the choices that we make. Choose less, smarter and invest in quality products that can be used for a longer time.
Being part of a slow fashion movement, we want to inspire you to rethink fashion and more specifically, shoes. Shoes are, after all, one of the most important wardrobe investments we make, simply because we use them every day.

MIYO Signature Shoes is the first premium shoe brand that enables you to decrease consumption – without decreasing creativity, a result of years of planning and development. Production, design, warehouse, and sourcing have been thoughtfully selected to realise our new, smart and unique concept.
MIYO shoes are ethically handcrafted in Portugal in smaller quantities and thoughtfully designed with longevity and versatility in mind. The MIYO clasp, our fashion innovation, is designed and produced in Sweden with our belief in keeping more with local and sustainable production. Introducing a new fashion innovation in a highly competitive industry is challenging. Still, we place confidence in making things a little bit smarter to better suit the contemporary lifestyles of today and tomorrow.

By developing a fashion innovation that makes your shoes transformable, your MIYO shoes can be both timeless and trendy at the same time. It is up to your own personal preference.

Being geographically closer to most supplier facilities allow us to visit our factories frequently, oversee production and maintain ongoing discussions on sustainable trends and improvements.
MIYO shoes are crafted from leather and suede, two natural materials that breathe, shape nicely to your feet and provide a premium comfort. We only source material from members of The Leather Working Group and dedicate substantial time and consideration into every detail before we produce.
With suitable shoe care, leather and suede are both long lasting and durable materials.

Choosing transformable shoes that allows you to have more styles with the same pair, MIYO shoes becomes the perfect choice while contributing to a slow fashion movement. By stepping away from overconsumption and short-lived trends, let your MIYO shoes be a part of your capsule wardrobe with your own personal style, in every step.

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